Friday, June 10, 2016


The Cards beat the Bucs in Pittsburgh by the score of 9 - 3 in 12 innings in a game that took 4:16 to complete. This game moved through the first 7 innings. The Redbirds starter pitched his best game since April. The Pirates starter was hurt in the third inning and the bullpen replacements pitched very good as well. There wasn't much excitement through the first seven innings but that changed in the eighth. The Cards took the lead 3 - 2 with a three run homer and it looked like an exciting win for the Redbirds. That mood turned in the bottom of the ninth inning as the Bucs tied the score after a leadoff triple. Then, the Pirates loaded the bases with 1 out and it looked like a terrible loss for the Cardinals. The Bucs didn't score however and one of the most exciting plays EVER for Cardinals happened in the top of the 12th inning. With two outs the Pirates intentionally walked a position player to put runners on first and second. They did this because the Cards were out of position players and a starting pitcher was pinch-hitting. Now, this player happens to be, arguably, the most popular player on the team with both fans and teammates alike. He laced a 2-run double into the gap in left centerfield!! The reaction shots were priceless!! 4 more runs were scored and the game ended but the game was really over after that double. 12 innings and 4 hours and sixteen minutes - truly one of the most memorable and enjoyable games EVER in Cardinals baseball.

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