Sunday, June 26, 2016

Great Fun

The Cards beat the M's 11 - 6 in 3:25 today in Seattle. The Redbirds had 17 hits of which 13 were for extra bases. Hey, I got to cut 6 Cardinals' homeruns - great fun. Yes, 3:25 is fairly long for 9 innings but I got to cut Major League Baseball with the Seattle crew - great fun. I am now at 33,000 feet flying to Kansas City on the Cardinals' charter - great fun. The next 4 games are against the Kansas City Royals - great fun. The first 2 games are in KC - great fun and the last 2 are at Busch Stadium - great fun. The Royals 2-game series at Busch Stadium begins a 3-team homestand - great fun. My immediate future includes my wife and my 2 grandsons - great fun. I am so blessed!!

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