Saturday, September 17, 2011

Total Team Effort

The Phillies clinched their fifth straight NL East divisional crown tonight by beating the Cardinals 9 - 2. The Phils scored 6 runs in the bottom of the eighth inning to put the game away.
The 6-run eighth may have iced the game for the Phillies but the big 8th inning threw kerosene on the fire for the 45,470 fans at Citizens Bank Ballpark.
This place was electric all night long!
TV crews feed off that energy.
The St. Louis Cardinals travelling TV party includes the producer, director, lead tape producer and graphics guru. All other members on the remote TV production team are hired locally. In most cases, the members of the visiting telecast crew are fans of the home team.
Therefore, with the Phillies winning and on their way to another crown, the crew members on the St. Louis Cardinals feed were really into it. They were feeding off the energy of the crowd.
The camera shots were crisper, the audio was spot on, the cameras were shaded perfectly and the production was a huge success.
One of our best shows of the 2011 season!
Covering a clinching game for the opposition is certainly not as fun as covering a Cardinals' clincher but it is still loads of fun.
Thinking ahead on isos and planning shot sequences is a blast.
Our replays tonight were terrific , our graphics were succinct and to the point, and the rollout was sweet.
Each and every member of the Cardinals/Phillies telecast tonight contributed to a high quality telecast.
A total team effort.

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