Friday, September 2, 2011


The Reds beat the Cardinals tonight by the score of 11 - 8.
There was plenty of action in the 3:15 contest as there were six homeruns swatted during the game.
Tonight's game was our "This One's For You" telecast where we honor our brave men and women fighting for our freedom in the military. We had a hook-up with troops from Missouri who were watching the game from Bahgram Afghanistan.
This was one of those telecasts where the game becomes secondary.
It is an honor to be part of our "This One's For You" telecast and I am proud to be a part of our TV production team during this wonderful event.
At one point during the telecast, we had the wife of one of our Missouri troops live in the booth. We surprised her and her husband who is stationed in Afghanistan as neither knew they would be able to talk to each other.
I put the in a two-box so that they were on the air at the same time. This woman, who was celebrating her 50th birthday, was so wonderfully surprised that she started crying on the air.
This was one of the most touching moments that I have ever been involved with during my career.
With my eyes watering and a huge lump in my throat, I tried to cut this most memorable moment interspersed with game action. I could barely talk and, in fact, was whispering my commands to the technical director (TD).
I will never forget this telecast.
I fought with my emotions but they won.

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