Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Shot Of The Night

The shot of the night during tonight's game/telecast occurred in the bottom of the third inning. Matt Holliday hit the second homerun of the inning for the Cardinals into the right field seats. The fan who caught the ball was seated next to what we surmised to be his father who we guessed was holding his grandson.
The crowd was already pumped by the first homerun of the inning by Jon Jay and Busch Stadium was rocking.
What was so amazing was that the grandson was sleeping.
The crowd was going crazy and the toddler slept right through the noise even while his father caught the Holliday homerun ball.
We kept going back to the shot throughout the game/telecast and the young boy was asleep the whole game.
Our announcers would periodically say "I wonder if that kid is still sleeping" and sure enough he was.
This shot was a wonderful sideline to the game and never distracted from the game coverage.
This was one of our most enjoyable telecasts in the past few weeks.
Thanks to the shot of the night.

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