Monday, September 26, 2011

Meaningful Games

As the St. Louis Cardinals TV producer, Mike, and I were walking from the ballpark to the hotel here in Houston after our game/telecast, Mike made this comment; "I like the fact that we are still doing meaningful games as we are about to televise the 161st game of the season. In fact, I would rather televise a meaningful game than a game where the Cardinals are 10 games up and have clinched a post-season spot".
I couldn't agree more.
Televising the games of the past ten days has been great fun.
Staying on top of the action with my game cut during meaningful games is so much more enjoyable than cutting any meaningless game.
For the TV crew, a meaningful game keeps everyone alert.
The camera shots are crisper and the game cut flows.
Without argument, meaningful games are more enjoyable for the viewer as well.
The Cardinals are still 1 game out of the wild card with 2 games to play.
I can assure you that the fans of the wildcard leader Atlanta Braves are enjoying their game/telecasts with the Philadelphia Phillies as much as the Cardinals TV viewing fans.
I can also assure you that the TV broadcast team in Atlanta is enjoying the game/telecast as much as our St. Louis TV team.
I am truly looking forward to tomorrow's game/telecast.
Another meaningful game!

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