Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Nice Getaway Game

The Cardinals beat the Pirates 3 - 2 in a well played 2:36.
This type of game is the sort that every TV baseball production team loves especially on a getaway day.
Well pitched, well played, and well paced.
As I have blogged before, this type of game allows the telecast to get into a nice rhythm - a good flow to the show.
Everything seems to work. The camera shots are fluid and the replays are nice and tight. There really is no "wasted" moments during the telecast.
Speaking of moments, this game/telecast provided a couple that were both priceless and memorable.
There was the shot of the toddler holding a baseball and falling asleep.
There was the super slo-mo shot of the dejected Pirates fan swatting himself in the head.
This was a nice, clean telecast.
But the best thing about this type of game is the fact that it is 6:00 PM and I am in my hotel room in Philadelphia getting ready to go out for dinner.
A nice getaway game indeed.

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