Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Final Out

It is 9:30 pm and I just arrived in my room in Houston as we get ready for the last three telecasts of the 2011 season.
I write in my book Cutting The Game, Inside Television Baseball From the Director's Chair (now available on the Amazon Kindle and the Barnes and Noble Nook) that cutting the homerun may be the most fun a TV baseball director has during a telecast.
After today's game/telecast, I would like to amend that chapter.
While it is true that cutting a homerun is great fun, I now believe that cutting the final out during a huge victory at home is the most fun a TV baseball director can have.
Today's home game against the Cubs is a perfect example of this scenario.
The Cardinals took the lead in the bottom of the eighth inning on a homerun by Rafael Furcal.
This 3 - 2 lead held up in the top of the ninth inning and the Cardinals prevailed.
There are many factors that are responsible for the excitement at Busch Stadium during today's game and, in fact, for the whole homestand.
On August 25th, the Cardinals were 10 1/2 games out of the wildcard race in the National League. And, the Milwaukee Brewers had basically sewn up the Central Division crown with a 25 - 4 run after the all-star break.
In essence, the Redbirds were "out of it".
Today's win combined with Atlanta's loss to the Nationals means that the Cardinals are 1 game out of the wildcard with 3 games to play.
That Cardinals play the worst team in all of baseball - the Houston Astros who are 55 - 104, and the Braves play the best team in all of baseball - the Phillies who are 99 - 60.
I am looking forward to cutting the final outs of the next three games.

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