Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Expectation And Anticipation

Tonight's victory over the Mets coupled with the Braves loss to the Marlins, puts the St. Louis Cardinals 1 1/2 games out of the wild-card race with 7 games to play.
In reality, the playoffs are now for the Redbirds.
Every game is a must win situation.
My God, this is this fun for the TV crew!
The energy in Busch Stadium is electric and this certainly adds to the enjoyment of televising Cardinals baseball.
But, I believe, the most important factor contributing to the quality of our telecasts is the fact that the St. Louis Cardinals TV crew expects the team to win.
This expectation hones the anticipation of the crew to a super sharp level.
Expectation = heightened anticipation = crisper shots = quality sports coverage.
Tonight's 7th inning was a perfect example of this formula.
The Cardinals scored three runs after the first two batters were out to start the inning.
The three runs were scored on a 3-run homerun by David Freese.
We were ready in the truck - we knew.
The camera operators were ready - they knew.
Audio, video, and the tape room were ready - they knew.
We expected the homerun, we anticipated the homerun, and we delivered a quality television product to our viewers.
Certainly the most exciting moment of the 2011 season for the St. Louis Cardinals fans.
We nailed it in the TV truck!

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