Tuesday, April 27, 2010

XMo Cam

We have found a home for our super slo-mo camera.
We experimented with both mids (1st base and 3rd base), left field corner, and tight centerfield. The past two games the XMo camera was located in the Cardinals' low first base dugout.
The pitch follows were beautiful.
Swings from both left handed and right handed batters were nice.
A tight pickoff attempt at 1st base was exceptional.
Taking this camera live is no longer a problem as far as video quality is concerned.
Love super slo-mo!
Our telecast tonight did a great job of revisiting the themes we established on the open. One of our four segments in home game opens is called 5 in :55.
During this segment, we pick five players who may have an inpact on the game and air highlights of these players for 55 seconds total. Late in the game we air a lower third 5-box with headshots of the 5 in :55. This lower third recaps exactly what these players accomplished during the game. This is a very nice feature that adds quality to the telecast.
I predict that this element will be a sold feature before long.
I am not a fan of three announcers in the booth.
However, our side line announcer has been joining the play-by-play and color analyst for an inning every game. This segment of our telecast has proved to be very entertaining. The personalities of the announce crew really come out and the quality of the telecast improves.
Good stuff!
There is an aspect of our telecast that I have come to question.
I believe that there is too much information on the relief pitcher's graphic.
The most important stat for a relief pitcher is how much this pitcher has been used in the past week. For the first half of the season the only stats I want to see on relief pitchers are: recent appearances, innings, hits, walks, and strikeouts.
Wins and losses are not as important to me for these pitchers.
I will bring this up with our TV production team.

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