Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Inning and The Telecast

In a telecast's most basic form, there is a beginning (the open), a middle (the game), and an end (the wrap-up).
The major themes or stories of the game are established in the open.
These themes or stories are revisited throughout the game and summarized near the end of the game with graphics or video packages.
Each half inning carries the same characteristics of the game.
In an inning's most basic form, there is a beginning (back from commercial), a middle (the game), and an end (going to commercial).
Each inning can carry a theme. The theme is established before the first pitch of the inning. This theme is revisited throughout the inning, and summarized while going to commercial.
Today's telecast included an excellent example of this type of inning.
The manager of the Atlanta Braves is Bobby Cox. Mr. Cox is retiring after this season following a hall of fame career. This was to be the last game he would manage at Busch Stadium.
We returned from break with a full screen graphic outlining the career of Mr. Cox.
Later in the inning, we showed video of a pre-game ceremony from last night in which the Cardinals organization presented Bobby Cox with a beautiful signed picture of Stan The Man Musial. Stan was a boyhood idol of Bobby Cox.
Throughout the inning, our announce team talked about Mr. Cox and we put him on camera in the dugout.
The inning ended with a shot of the Stan Musial picture on the outfield wall followed by a shot of Bobby in the dugout.
We established a theme.
We followed through with the theme.
We ended the inning with shots that provided a nice recap.
Not every inning works out this well and, certainly, not every telecast.
But, it can be very satisfying when this does occur.
There is just such a nice flow when this happens.
A nice flow to the show.

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