Monday, April 26, 2010


Isolated camera shots (Iso's) are very important to the success of football, basketball, and hockey telecasts. The replays of these iso's are the primary replays used in these telecasts.
Television football utilizes iso'd more than any other sport in the covering of this great game. Every hockey telecast has an "iso camera" that primarily shoots important members of a particular team. The best replays in basketball coverage are the replays that iso the most important player of a particular play.
These sports are able to isolate cameras away from the play because these sports are basically one camera sports. One main camera will follow the action until the play is completed. These sports are 180 degree sports where every camera that is used live during action must be on the same side of the field.
Baseball is a 360 degree sport where every camera can be used in the coverage of the play. Therefore, the use of iso's in baseball is not as widely used.
Tonight, I tried to use one of my cameras as an "iso" camera.
I had a mid-1st base and a mid-3rd base camera. I occasionally instructed the mid-third camera to iso certain defensive players.
We really did not get a replay from this "isolated" camera.
The reason that we did not have a replay from this camera is because we did NOT isolate enough.
For the rest of the season during our home telecasts, I am going to use the mid-3rd base camera as an iso camera.
To all producers, directors, and camera fact, to all TV techs and fans - please give me feedback on this subject.
What would make for successful baseball iso's?
Please contact me at with your input.
Thank you.

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