Saturday, April 24, 2010


I enjoyed tonight's telecast.
The game was well pitched, well played, and fast paced.
Our open segment highlighted the two starting pitchers who had started the season pitching extremely well.
Because of the 6:05 start, there was only one segment in the open and the highlighted starting pitchers came through and pitched exceptionately well.
There is always enjoyment when the game "follows" the theme of the open.
We had some fun with Fox Trax tonight.
We aired some old footage of Babe Ruth with the Fox Trax animation and the announcers had a great time with that segment.
This proved to be enjoyable as well.
During each telecast we have an audience participation text poll question. We have decided that we want this feature to be game related. Since this may not always be relevant, we have a standard baseball text poll question in the can to use if a game related text question does not come about.
The home plate umpire had a different strike zone early on in the telecast so our text poll question asked what the viewers thought of this umpire's strike zone.
This aspect of our telecast was enjoyable as well.
Despite the fact that the Cardinals lost the game, the most enjoyable part of our telecast tonight was the game.
This game was well-pitched, well-played, and fast paced.
Even in the back end of a dual feed this was a telecast that was enjoyable.
I had fun tonight.

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