Friday, April 9, 2010

Not What You Think

Tonight's game was similiar to yesterday's game but with a different outcome
Tonight's telecast was totally different from yesterday's telecast but with a similiar outcome.
Tonight, the visiting Cardinals hit a 2-out, 2-strike, 2-run homerun in the top of the ninth inning to take a 5-4 lead which won the game.
Yesterday, the hometown Reds hit a walk off homerun in the bottom of the ninth to win the game 2-1.
In tonight's telecast we were in the back end of a dual feed.
Yesterday, we were solo with a 5 camera, 2-channel EVS, and two tape machine game.
In tonight's game, a Cardinals rookie hit the homerun off of the Major League Baseball's all-time saves leader.
Yesterday, an everyday Reds player hit a homerun off of a Cardinal's 2nd year player.
Yesterday, when the game was over and our camera isos worked and therefore our replays were very telling, I did not feel a sense of accomplishment.
I was disappointed in the telecast.
I don't know why.
Tonight, there were two very, very important moments in the game.
I set up the camera isos in both situations and I was wrong in both instances.
What I thought would happen did not happen.
In a 1-run game in the top of the 8th inning, the Milwaukee manager intentionally Albert Pujols with 1st base open and a 1-run lead and Matt Holliday coming up.
Thinking that this "different" managerial move would work in the Cardinals' favor, my main iso was a shot of Holliday in the batters box with the camera (camera 3) pushing to the Cardinals' 3rd base dugout for reaction.
Holliday struck out and the iso did not work.
I thought of isoing the Brewers manager with my low 1st camera cross shooting into the Brewers' 1st base dugout in case his moved worked out, but went with the camera 3 iso.
My decision was wrong..
The 2nd situation occurred in the top of the 9th inning.
There was 2 outs with a runner on base.
The Cardinals were down by a run.
Trevor Hoffman, the all-time saves leader in Major League Baseball history was on the mound.
Nick Stavinoa, a Cardinals rookie, was at the plate.
I thought about setting up the same iso of the Cardinals dugout as with the Holliday situation, but I iso'd the cameras for a Brewers reaction.
I iso'd Trevor Hoffman.
On a 2-2 pitch with 2 outs, Stavinoa went deep....homerun!
Trevor Hoffman, being the pro that he is, had NO reaction.
Once again, my camera iso did not work.
I was wrong.
Live shots of the Cardinal's dugout.........well, you can imagine.
Tonight, when the game was over and our camera isos did not work, and therefore our replays were not the best that they should have been, I was disappointed once again.
Similiar games, different telecasts, similiar results.
Someone explain this to me.
Tomorrow's game is on Fox and sunday night's game is on ESPN.
Maybe with those two days off I will figure it out.
Next telecast: Home opener.

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