Monday, April 9, 2012

.These Guys are Good

We opened the season in Milwaukee.
The season opener was pretty uneventful. The Brewers don't even come close to the pomp and circumstance of a St. Louis Busch Stadium opening day. That being said, we covered the Cardinals' introductions for the pre-game show as best we could with our three cameras. The Redbirds won the contest 11 - 5 and hit 4 homeruns. Despite being in the backend of a dual feed we had a fairly clean show considering there were 16 total runs and 26 total hits.
The Saturday game was on FOX so we had the day off. I watched the game on television as the Cardinals were shut out by the score of 6 - 0.
The rubber game on Sunday was won by the Cardinals by the score of 9 - 3. This was a very clean telecast. This, I admit, has been a very boring blog thus far. My excuse for this is the fact that both of our FSN Midwest telecasts were painfully uneventful. However the most wonderful aspect of working in television sports is the fact that one learns something each and every game/telecast.
Our record on FSN Midwest is now 2 - 0 for the regular season.
(The Cardinals won the season opener in Miami while playing on ESPN)
(The Redbirds lost there first telecast on FOX)
This is what we on the St. Louis Cardinals FSN Midwest telecasts have learned thus far this season - the 2012 Cardinals are very, very good.
Future Hall of Fame manager Tony LaRussa is gone.
Future Hall of Famer Albert Pujols is gone.
Probable future Hall of Famer Dave Duncan is gone.
The winning atmosphere of St. Louis Cardinals baseball is still around.
More than ever.
This is my 25th season as a part of the St. Louis Cardinals telecast team.
I have never been so excited about the prospects of a baseball season.

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