Saturday, April 21, 2012


MEMO TO A FELLOW CREW MEMBER TONIGHT Guess what fellow crew member - I love what I do for a living. This is my 29th year of televising Major League Baseball and I have seen every single type of crew member in the business. I have seen the very talented who love what they do and are very successful. I have seen the not so talented work there ass off, love their job and be successful. I have seen the ones who try and try and try and just about get there but they keep trying and every so often they deliver a quality product. I have seen the crew members who don't give a hoot and are just there to pick up a paycheck. And I have seen the worst of the worst. The member of the crew who doesn't care and doesn't care that we know he doesn't care. Well Mr. Doesn't Care guess what? You don't affect the other members of the crew who do care. You don't affect us one little bit. In fact, you make us better because we work harder to make up for your lack of quality. We have a name for you Mister Doesn't Care - Mr. Invisible.

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