Thursday, April 19, 2012


The Cardinals have started the 2012 season with a 9 - 4 record and thirteen games into the season they lead the NL Central Division by 3 games. This team has played some very good baseball.
Not today.
When a team is playing well the TV production team responds and the coverage is crisp and clean. The trick is to maintain that quality of coverage when the team is not playing well.
Easier said than done.
Today's game/telecast was one of those great shows where our production excelled despite the fact that the Redbirds laid an egg. True, the Reds starting pitcher Bronson Arroyo pitched great but the Cards did not play one of their sharper games.
Still, we had a very good telecast. I believe our show was so good because there really was some great communication today between the truck and the booth. Our Producer, Mike Helling has really stressed the importance of communicating and today's telecast reaped the rewards of this message. There was never a moment of doubt from any member of our TV team today and it showed. The quality of the play on the field should never determine the quality of the telecast.
The number one factor that determines the quality of a telecast is communication.

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