Thursday, April 19, 2012

2012 Home Opener

This is the only telecast of the season where the pre-game pomp and circumstance is of more importance to the viewer than the game. Indeed, the viewing numbers for the pre-game ceremony are huge and, in fact, bigger than some of our regular season telecasts.
Because of advertising commitments, it is a very difficult task to cover the complete pre-game ceremony live.
Thanks to Mother Nature, this seasons' pre-game ceremony went off without a hitch.
The ceremony did not start for two hours because of rain. therefore, we were able to air 2 of the 4 scheduled spots during the rain delay. The viewership for the home opener pre-game festivities rose throught the ceremony.
Unlike the game.
The Cubs scored 4 runs in the first inning, 4 runs in the third inning and 1 run in the fourth inning to lead 9 - 0 before the Cardinals batted in the fourth inning. The game/telecast went in the opposite direction of the pre-game ceremony. The later the game went on the more our viewers turned off.
The Cards ended up losing 9 - 5 as well as the viewing audience.
But, we nailed the pomp and circumstance.

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