Monday, April 9, 2012

Same Old Same Old in Cincinnati

Season record on FSN Midwest: 3 - 0.
The Cardinals continued their winning ways tonight as they beat the Reds 7 - 1. I could have written that the Cardinals continued their DOMINATE ways tonight as they beat the Reds but then I would hear from readers comments like "It's only 5 games into the season.......blah, blah, blah.
After the first two Redbird batters were eliminated in the top of the first inning, the Cards proceeded to hit 3 homeruns before the final out of the inning to take a 4 - 0 lead. This was only the fifth time in team history that they accomplished this feat.
This is my 29th season of televising Major League Baseball. (4 with Minnesota and 25 with St. Louis) The atmosphere of this clubhouse and the confidence of this team is unlike anything I have witnessed during my career.
Just 5 games into a 162-game schedule may be jumping the gun for predicting success for any team in baseball.
In all probability, it IS jumping the gun.
Not this team.
Not this season.
There will be only one factor that will determine whether this team succeeds or not and that is health.
A healthy 2012 St. Louis Cardinals team will be the most successful team ever.
Mark my words.

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