Wednesday, August 17, 2016


I love directing Major League Baseball. I have done it for 34 years and I enjoy going to "work". I highlighted "work" because this profession is anything but "work". Today was also very enjoyable because I sat in the Producer's chair and watched a future TV baseball director sit in the chair. In the 3rd inning of the Cards/Astros game in Houston I switched chairs with the Producer and for the rest of the game I enjoyed watching him directing baseball. It made me remember when I first started directing and it brought back memories both good and bad. The bad was when I realized that I didn't have a clue and the good was when I realized that I was starting to "get a clue". I watched this director diligently and let him "have it" only a couple of times when I saw he was leaving the "zone". A TV sports director MUST be in the "zone" in order to deliver a quality product. Once a TV sports director learns to be in the "zone" this "work" is very very rewarding. I truly enjoyed watching the future TV baseball director "in the chair". He was very very good.

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