Friday, August 12, 2016

Impossible Task

The Cards got their butts kicked today by the Cubs at Wrigley. This 13 - 2 game only took 2:59 to play. A TV production team MUST stay focused the whole game/telecast no matter what the score. Games like these test that axiom. When the game is over in the 2nd inning, there is a bit of difficulty for the TV team to continue in it's coverage in an interesting, entertaining fashion. Trust me, today's game was very difficult to "keep the audience". Sometimes it is very difficult to "keep an audience" when the TV team covering the game find it difficult to entertain. Entertaining the audience without insulting the audience can be a fine line to walk. Today's Cards/Cubs gam/telecast is a perfect example of this. Formula: game over in the 2nd inning - maintain the audience the rest of the way. Hard to do. Maybe impossible.

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