Saturday, August 20, 2016

Shook Up

I don't remember much about this 2:56 game in which the Phil's beat the Cards 4 - 2. What I do remember is a screaming foul ball that went over the top of the Cardinals dugout in the bottom of the eighth inning that hit a young girl in the mouth. The fans seated near the young girl were obviously worried and the Phillies player who hit the ball was visibly shaken. The only shots I used after the incident were a wide shot from my right field camera that showed the Phillies players who had taken the field to begin the ninth inning watching the scene in the stands, a tight shot of the visibly shaken Phillies shortstop who hit the ball and a fairly wide shot of the little girl being carried away by her father. There were tighter shots of the little girl that included blood that we as a broadcast team refused to show. This game ended with a similar situation from last night's game which had a thrilling ending. The same batter who hit the game tying homerun in the ninth inning last night was at the plate and the same pitcher who served up the homerun was on the mound and the tying run was on first base. I guess I cut that situation in a quality manner but I really don't remember. I was also shaken up by the foul ball.

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