Saturday, August 13, 2016

A Fan's Game

At Wrigley Field today, the Cardinals beat the Cubs 8 - 4 in 2:50. Now this was a fun game to cover. The 2 top pitching prospects for the Redbirds both threw in this game. One was making his Major League debut and the other was appearing in only his 2nd big league ballgame. Both pitched considerably well and that may be an understatement as they were facing the Cubs at Wrigley. The Cubs just so happen to be one of the better teams in baseball (which happens every 100 years or so) and pitching in Wrigley is tough no matter the quality of the Cubs team. If one is not a fan of the game of baseball then one should not be a part of the broadcast team covering the game. I am a fan of this great game and I truly enjoyed today's Cards/Cubs contest because it was so thrilling watching those two young pitchers competing. There is not a fan of baseball that didn't enjoy this game. Not one.

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