Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Well Done Houston

It took 3:06 for the Cardinals to beat the Astros 8 - 5 tonight in Houston. The use of camera 2 (high home) was absolutely the best I have ever seen. EVERY time I needed a defensive shot that shot was there. EVERY time. The shot of the defense is one of the most important shots of a baseball telecast. When a TV baseball team is in the back end of a dual feed it doesn't control camera 2. Asking for a defense shot from the high home camera from the home TV team is certainly appropriate, in fact, I tell the visiting TV director at Busch Stadium that he/she can ask me 50 times an inning for a defense shot and I won't mind. In Houston that request isn't needed - that shot is always there. I learned something tonight - at Busch Stadium that shot will always be there as well. Well done Houston.

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