Friday, April 22, 2016

You Live With It

San Diego is a really really nice place. The weather is perfect and the people are friendly. The Padres weren't very friendly to the Cardinals tonight as they beat them 4 - 1 in 2:35. Yes, the Pads beat the Cards 4 - 1 but I should have described this game as a 4 - 1 beating. This game wasn't even close. The Redbirds were never really in this game. They seemed a bit out of sync the whole night. When a team is out of sync, the game is out of sync, and therefore, the telecast is out of sync. We were just a bit off the whole game/telecast. Not so much as to present a bad show, but just enough that one can feel it in the TV truck during the telecast. It is not a good feeling but it not like everything we are doing in the truck is bad TV. It's almost comical that no matter what we do we are going to be just a bit off. You never surrender but you know that the TV product is as good as it's going to be and you live with it. Thank God we are in San Diego.

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