Saturday, April 9, 2016

That Was Hard

Allow me to begin by saying I love the game of baseball. T-ball, little league, high school, college, minor league and Major League - it doesn't matter - I love baseball. Sometimes this game can be so beautiful and sometimes it can be outright ugly. Tonight's Cardinals/Braves game at Turner Field in Atlanta was one of the ugly ones. Maybe the ugliest one ever. The Redbirds prevailed 12 - 2 in 3:30 in a game in which both teams committed 3 errors, there were moments of seriously bad pitching and just when you thought this game could get no uglier - it did. Now, one may think that it can be very easy to "mail it in" on a game like this but the opposite is true. You have to concentrate harder. For example, the Cards scored in 7 of the 9 innings. Don't ever miss a pitch and don't ever miss a run. We didn't tonight but it was hard. Message to my Atlanta Braves TV friends - you are in for a long season, stay focused or start drinking.

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