Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Trust Me

I am flying at 32,000 feet to Atlanta and I am reflecting on the first 3 game/telecasts of the 2016 season. Despite the fact that the Cardinals are now 0 - 3 and despite the fact that the spoiled Cards fans are looking for the nearest bridge, these were 3 very clean shows. Now, I enjoy Redbird wins as much as anyone, but I also realize that we are ONLY 3 games into the 162-game season. Every season contains it's bad games and bad telecasts - that is expected. If the Cards lose, fans believe it was a bad game. If the Cards win, it is a good game. It just so happens that bad games can still be good telecasts and good games can have there share of bad telecasts. So, in summary, the Cards just had 3 bad games but we had 3 good telecasts. Trust me, you will know when our shows are bad.

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