Tuesday, April 5, 2016

These Guys Are Good

It took 3:27 and 11 innings for the Pirates to beat the Cardinals 6 - 5 tonight in Pittsburgh. We were the only television feed tonight as the Penguins were being televised from Ottawa. Being exclusive on the road is a rare experience in today's TV sports culture where most every game is televised. In fact, I can't think of too many places that don't televise all games. With local TV, Big Fox, Fox Sports One and ESPN every game of every team is televised locally. I believe the Pittsburgh Pirates are building a strong case to have all their games available for their local fan base. After over 20 years of mediocrity, this team is very very good and their fans deserve to see this team EVERY game. Ok I'm done with that soapbox oration. When a visiting team is the only telecast from the home venue of whomever they are playing, the home team TV crew makes up the crew for the show. That was the case tonight in Pittsburgh and I learned something - this crew is good - very good. I really enjoyed myself tonight. It was great being a member of the Pittsburgh TV team tonight. I hope I didn't bring them down.

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