Thursday, September 10, 2015


The 3 hours and 16 minutes it took for the Reds to defeat the Cards tonight by the score of 11 - 0 is really inconsequential. Memo to the Redbird fans who are beginning their trek to the nearest bridge - RELAX. Did you not know that the Pirates lost to the Brewers tonigh AT HOME in 13 innings? I have been on the planes, in the hotels, and at the ballparks with this outstanding Cardinals squad for the complete 2015 season. They are the best team in baseball - Period! Do you want to be a Pirates fan right now? Do you want to be a Cubs fan EVER? Read a book. Watch Spongebob. Go for a walk. 159 days and 140 games into this season and they are the best team by far!! WTF!!

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