Saturday, September 26, 2015

Take Your Pick

Things seem back to normal. The Cardinals won the game and are now 98 - 57. The Cardinals beat a Central Division rival and are now 44 - 28 against the Central Division. The Cardinals won at home where they are now 55 - 25. The Cardinals starting pitcher was stellar and the Cardinals still lead all of baseball in ERA. Even though the Redbirds have the best record in all of baseball, they are still only 3 games in front of the Pirates who have the second best record in the game. The Buccos beat the Cubs at Wrigley today for their 8th straight win and sit at 95 - 60. There is a real possibility that the Pirates could win 100 games and still finish in 2nd place. Yet Cardinals fans, the spoiled rotten fans that they are, are biting their nails. Would you rather be a Cardinal or a Pirate? I'll take the Cardinals.

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