Friday, September 11, 2015

Thank You

Tonight's game between the Cards and Reds at Cincinnati was tied a 8 in the top of the 8th when the rains came. The forecast was for steady rain for the next 3 hours which meant we would resume play about 12:30 AM. However, Big Fox was scheduled to televise tomorrow's game beginning at 11:30 Eastern. Many factors were now in play. Big Fox was using the home show truck for their telecast and our truck was leaving to do a college football game. And, most of our crew was not available for Saturday. Here is the final decision about the suspended game. The game is scheduled to begin at 12:30 Eastern with the Big Fox game to begin 30 minutes after the conclusion of the suspended game. So, Big Fox will cover the suspended game for Fox Midwest and Fox Ohio and then televise the regularly scheduled Big Fox game. Which means I have tomorrow off. Although I would like to complete our suspended game, I understand this decision. Now, trust me, I am in no way disparaging this decision. But, the Big Fox production team may have a long day (I hope they don't) but, right now, the Cards and Reds are having a difficult time scoring. This suspended game could go on for a bit. For my colleagues at Big Fox - I hope not. But thank you for the complete off day anyway.

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