Thursday, July 2, 2015

"Cool It"

There was one huge difference between tonight's game telecast between the Padres and the Cardinals and the last two games with the White Sox - NO RAIN!! That is the only difference. This game went 11 innings and lasted 3:55 - similar to the White Sox series. This 5 - 3 loss to the Padres was only the second time the Redbirds have lost 3 in a row all season. Just the 2nd time. Oh my God the grumbling!! Are you kidding me? The Cardinals have the best record in baseball by far. They have the best pitching ERA in baseball by far. They have the best home record in baseball by far. Give me a break. Yes, I agree, the pace they were making would be near impossible to continue for a complete season. But to start looking for the nearest bridge is damn near comical. Cardinals fans, of which I consider myself, have been spoiled for a long long team. This great organization has been very very successful and competes year in and year out. I am reminded of the great line by Donald Sutherland in the great movie "Kelly's Heroes" - "Cool it with the negative waves Moriarity!"

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