Thursday, July 30, 2015

An Awful Memory

The Cards, with a 3-run bottom of the ninth inning, defeated the Rockies 9 - 8 in 3:50 tonight at Busch Stadium. This game is in the top 5 of the strangest games I have ever witnessed. The only plays missing from this game were a balk and a triple play. This game had homeruns, a triple and doubles. This game featured great defense and lousy defense. This game featured good pitching and awful pitching. This game showed an intentional hit batters for each team. There were ties and blown leads by each team. There were so many memorable moments in this game both good and bad. But the number one memory I will take from this game is something I have never seen on a baseball telecast that I have participated in during my 32 year career directing baseball. After the final out of a very contentious inning, I saw a player flip the bird to the other team as he walked off the field. An awful memory I admit.

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