Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Are You Kidding Me?

The Cards beat the Cubs in 3:11 tonight at Wrigley by the score of 6 - 5. This was an "Are you kidding me" game. The home plate umpire squeezed both pitching staffs the whole game. In fact, after the Cubs took a 5 - 4 lead in the 7th inning, both the Cards catcher and manager were ejected. After the Redbirds coughed up a 4-run lead there was NO WAY they were going to win this game. With two outs in the top of the ninth inning the Cubs walked the Cards batter bringing the winning run to the plate. Sure enough, with the count 1 - 2 the Cardinals batter hit a 2-run homerun to put the Redbirds in front and eventually won the game. After the Cubs pitcher walked the Cards batter with two outs in the ninth, the Cubs pitching coach visited the mound. At that time, I said to our announcers "What in the fuck could he possibly be telling the pitcher?" 4 pitches later the winning bomb was launched. Here was my call on the homerun - "take 2....holy 6 (on the homerun hitter) holy fuck......take 1 (on delirious Cards fans) are you fucking kidding me?... Take 2 (homerun hitter scoring) WOW, WOW, WOw. An incredible ending! Are you kidding me? At 36,000 feet flying to Pittsburgh for a 4-game series against the 2nd place Pirates. As much as I have been looking forward to this series there is no way any game could match this one. An anticlimactic series indeed.

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