Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Pitcher Uncomfortable Director Comfortable

In 2:40, the Cardinals lost to the Angels 5 - 1 tonight in LA. The Angels scored all their runs in the second inning when the Redbirds starting pitcher seemed a bit uncomfortable. The Cardinals' TV director - me - was not uncomfortable for even one second during tonight's game/telecast. That's because my TD (technical director) is a guy I have known for over twenty five years and he is one of best in the business. Having confidence in the TD is one of the most valuable feelings a TV sports director can have - if not the most valuable. I knew we were going to have a super clean show and we did. Not once in my mind did I believe that tonight's show would turn ugly. In fact, I knew this telecast was going to be one of the cleanest of the 2013 season - it was.

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