Thursday, July 4, 2013

Figure It Out

The Cardinals beat the Angels 12 - 2 in 3:22 tonight in Anaheim. The first five innings of this game were excruciating. The last four innings had a nice flow. Here was the difference; during the first 5 innings the pitchers for the Angels picked and picked and were not aggressive. The second half of this game flowed because the pitchers were aggressive. Baseball can be the most beautiful sport in the world. Tonight's game showed how ugly this game can be. I love this game. I just wish that pitchers would understand that if they took the ball and pitched, threw strikes, and never picked and picked and picked, they would be rewarded handsomely. This is proven - the pitchers who get the ball and go and throw strikes are the elite pitchers of this game and they are rewarded. Figure it out.

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