Friday, April 8, 2011


Giants 5, Cardinals 4 12 Innings Two of the best closers in the game each blow ninth inning leads with 2 outs and nobody on! The Cardinals employ a 5-man infield in the bottom of the 11th inning after the Giants have a runner on third base with nobody out. They don't score! This was maybe the strangest game I have ever been involved with as I enter my 24th season of Cardinals baseball and my 29th season of major league baseball television. As everyone in our business will attest, extra innings generally suck. But, because this game was so unique, this was one of those games that the extra innings were those innings that provided the most "wows" of the telecast. What constitutes a "wow" for a telecast can include great defense, clutch hitting, great and unique video. Sometimes even comments from the announcers can enter the "wow"category. The "wows" of this game were uttered because of great defense and the unbelievable similarities of the blown saves. The dual feed here in San Francisco is the most comfortable "dual" situation in baseball. The crew is great. Every person on this crew works from the time we hit air until we sign off. There is one word to describe the crew members of the visiting feed in San Francisco - WOW!

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