Friday, April 29, 2011

The Trend Continues

The Cardinals beat the Braves 5 - 3 in eleven innings.
The game took three hours and twenty nine minutes.
Yes, I am a St. Louis Cardinals fan.
I find true enjoyment when they win.
The Major League Baseball season is a six month, 162 game season. Playing this sport and televising this sport is a grind. One has to develop a mind set that will carry you through tough stretches during a season and the Cardinals are certainly going through a tough stretch at this time.
Every team in the game will go through tough stretches. It is how the team responds to these stretches that determines the success or failure of the season.
The same is true of the TV baseball production team.
The St. Louis Cardinals TV baseball production team is a successful team because we are able to respond in a positive fashion to the "valleys" of a season. We are able to succeed because our friendships are the very important to us. This is a primary reason why our telecasts are successful. We respect each other and like each other. We want the team to win and we hope the team wins but in the end our mutual respect and our true friendship are most important to us.
I respect and know that our producer Mike is going to give his all.
I respect and believe that our lead EVS (tape) producer Brian is going to deliver a high quality product.
I respect and know that Keith - our primary graphics producer - is going to produce high quality, entertaining information.
Win or lose, dud or exciting, short or long, the St. Louis Cardinals TV baseball production team knows that a "best" effort has been given by each member of the team.
And that is why we are so good.
And we are good.

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