Saturday, April 16, 2011

Deja Vu All Over Again

Wow! Another offensive outburst from the Cardinals. The Redbirds beat the Dodgers 9 - 2 and collected 13 hits. In the 27 innings of this series the Cardinals have scored in 16 of them. They have scored 29 runs with 48 hits in the first three games of this series. The last time a St. Louis Cardinals team was this hot was 1922. I wrote about "expectations" after last night's telecast. That same feeling was evident again tonight. As I sat in the chair, I expected each Cardinals player to succeed. This roll by the Cardinals proves that hitting is contagious. The Cardinals starting pitcher, Kyle McClellan, was special tonight as well. Because of the offensive success the team has been experiencing of late, we centered much of our attention on McClellan's performance. A very nice sequence which aired tonight was a piece which we called "McClellan on the black". We showed a sequence of pitches that McClellan made that hit the corners of the plate. "Expecting" good things from the ballclub creates a unique atmosphere in the TV truck. The creativity level goes up and the TV production becomes a bit more aggressive. Video packages seem to be more concise and the opportunity for more creativity increases. Covering a game when the chances for more creativity presents itself really keeps the TV team on it's toes and makes for a more exciting production.

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