Friday, April 29, 2011

3:59 am

It is currently 3:59 am in Atlanta and I have just entered my hotel room. I am not complaining because the hotel is the Ritz Carlton Buckhead and is very nice indeed.
In fact, this blog will have nothing to do with complaining.
The Cardinals beat the Astros 11 - 7 in a rather weak baseball game but Lance Berkman hit two homeruns, one from each side of the plate, and his performance greatly enhanced an otherwise uneventful ballgame.
Today's game telecast features two of the game's elite pitchers in Chris Carpenter and Tim Hudson. The Cardinals/Braves series of the past have always proven to be high quality contests as each team was led by two hall-of-fame managers - Tony LaRussa and Bobby Cox. Bobby has since retired so it should be interesting to see if the quality of the Braves play has diminished.
Last night's telecast was a good, clean show that hopefully presented the game in a better fashion than the game presented itself.
Hopefully, today's show will prove to be entertaining and I will get to my room before 3:59 am.
Mind you - I am not complaining.

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