Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Weather Effect

I have seen many games in my 31 year career where the weather has effected the play on the field. The usual culprit has been rain. Rain can cause some discomfort for the camera operators but it rarely, if ever, affects the performance of the operators. Tonight was one of those rare, rare examples of the weather affecting the play on the field AND the performance of the camera operators. It did not rain tonight. The weather that affected both the play on the field and the performance of the camera operators was wind. The high first base camera was being blown all over the place all game. The wind caused this camera to be almost unusable. The low first base and low third base camera operators had sand from the warning track being blown in their faces all game long. Despite this fact, the camera operators performed admirably in this Mets 3 - 2 victory over the Cardinals.

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