Sunday, April 27, 2014

Definition of Ace

The Cards beat the Bucs today in 2:35 by the score of 7 - 0. Adam Wainwright was the starting pitcher for the Cardinals. If every pitcher in the Major Leagues pitched like Wainwright, Major League Baseball would fill every stadium every game. If every pitcher in the big leagues threw the ball like Adam Wainwright, each game would achieve the highest TV ratings of any show on television. If every pitcher on a big league baseball roster hurled the baseball like Adam Wainwright, the average time of a baseball game would be under two hours. There is really only one problem if every Major League pitcher pitched like Adam Wainwright - every game would be 0 - 0 and would be decided by the bullpen. Look in the dictionary next to the word "ace" and you will find a picture of Adam Wainwright.

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