Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Not What We Wanted

We just completed our 20th straight day of televising Cardinals baseball. During the past 20 days each of the 4 "truck guys" on our Cardinals crew has experienced illness with bad colds. Needless to say, we are all a bit physically and mentally tired. Each of us to a man was hoping for a well-pitched, well-played baseball game with a good flow. We did not get what we wanted. The Redbirds beat the Brewers 9 - 3 in 3 hours and 25 minutes. The pace of the game was excruciating. We begin a weekend series at Wrigley Field on Friday. I love Wrigley Field. There is an electricity in the air when the Cards meet the Cubs at Wrigley. That's good because we are going to need it. Almost as bad as the off day tomorrow.

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