Thursday, August 15, 2013

Should Have Kept My Mouth Shut

Two nights ago I had quite a good time cutting the Pirates/Cardinals game even though it lasted 4:55. Last night I enjoyed cutting the 2:30 Bucs/Cards tilt. Today, the Cards beat the Pirates 6 - 5 in 4:11 and it wasn't that much fun. I take full responsibility for today's extra inning affair. Going into the top of the seventh inning with the Redbirds ahead 5 - 4, I told our color analyst "We are going to be here a long time today." I just had that inkling. Sure enough, a Pirate homer in the top of the eighth inning tied the score and the game continued until the Cards prevailed in the bottom of the 12th. In my "Prayer" blog of a few days ago, I asked God to please not have a certain Chicago Cubs pitcher pitch against us during either of the two series we have remaining with the lowly Cubs. Well, I am currently in Chicago the night before our three game series with the Cubs begins and sure enough we are facing that dreaded Cubs starter. On get-away day!! Will it ever end? Hey, that is what I say whenever that Cubs guy pitches.

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