Friday, August 16, 2013

Nothing Worse

The Cubs beat the Cards at Wrigley today by the score of 7 - 0 in 2:38. The Cardinals' starting pitcher walked the first three Cubs batters of the game and they all came around to score and the game was over. There is truly nothing worse than having a baseball game over in the first inning and knowing it is over. How can it be possible to know a game is over in the first inning you ask? The Redbirds are in a bit of a funk right now and they have been for the last few weeks. Because of there recent play, you just knew that after that awful first inning they were done. Trying to maintain the proper concentration necessary to cover the great game of baseball on television is very difficult when you believe the game is over and the team you are covering has no chance. That was the demon I fought today and, trust me, today's game was truly difficult to cover. However, after a nice steak and delicious bottle of wine at the Capital Grille and I am over today, looking forward to the off-day tomorrow and eagerly anticipating Sunday's telecast.

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