Monday, August 19, 2013

From First Class To Coach

The Cards continued their 6-game road trip with an 8 - 5 victory in 3:26 at Miller Park in Milwaukee. I really like Milwaukee. The weather reminds me of my home state of Minnesota. I really like the TV crew from Milwaukee. They work hard and it's fun to be a part of their TV team. However, I am sorry to say that I am not a fan of Miller Park. From a fan in the stands point of view, Miller Park may be a great place to watch a game. From a professional viewpoint as a TV baseball director, Miller park is not a "friendly" place to televise. The dugout cameras are terrible. The mid level cameras are fairly nice but all the other camera positions are average at best. I am talking camera positions not operators as the Milwaukee camera ops are very good. Maybe I am jaded about Miller Park because I just left my favorite ballpark - Wrigley Field. It's like I went from first class to coach.

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