Thursday, August 22, 2013


The Cards beat the Braves 6 - 2 in 2:56 at Busch Stadium tonight. I have never seen a larger contingent of people in a TV truck than I saw tonight. The Braves travel a huge party of television professionals to assist with the show. Also, I don't remember a louder TV truck - ever. During a game/telecast, I listen to the Producer, the announcers and tape and camera chatter. (Thankfully, the tape and camera chatter is usually at a minimum. Unless you are at Citi Field in New York) I am able to hear everybody. But, if the people in the truck are loud, that makes it very difficult to hear what it matters to hear. Namely the Producer and the announcers. Tonight, the noise in the truck was too loud and it was a distraction. Quiet please.

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