Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Quality Moment

A come from behind victory by the Cardinals over the Royals took 2:50 to play tonight at Busch Stadium. This 5 - 3 win was one of the most exciting victories of the season by the Redbirds. Going into the bottom of the eighth, the Cards trailed their cross state rivals by the score of 3 - 1. They scored 4 runs and this inning contained one of the most memorable sequences of our 2013 TV season. The Cards had runners on first and second with the lead runner being the tying run. The runner at first base, Yadier Molina, kept signaling the runner at second base, Allen Craig, to get a bigger lead. Between every pitch Molina kept coaxing Craig to expand his lead. The batter, David Freese, proceeded to hit a single to left field and Craig scored just ahead of the throw. He may not have scored if he hadn't extended his lead. Just a wonderful example of our viewers at home seeing something the fans in the stands didn't see. Just a classic quality moment on an excellent telecast.

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