Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Night And Day

The final score was 10 - 2 as the Cardinals beat the Padres tonight at Petco Park. This 2:38 minute affair was a complete opposite game for the Redbirds from last night's game. They scored 10 runs and were in complete control the whole game. This telecast was also completely different from last night's show. Night and day in fact. This was one of our cleaner telecasts of the season and it included some special moments as well. We captured the Redbirds lead-off batter visualizing his swing while stretching in the outfield before the game and aired the video during his first at-bat. During a shot of the Cardinals' dugout after a grand slam homerun, we captured an elated Redbird who signaled that he had "called" the homerun. My favorite moment of the telecast occurred when the Cards centerfielder slid awkwardly into home plate. Our replays showed why that happened. The on-deck batter who was signaling the runner to slide was completely blocked by the home plate umpire. Just a great, great shot from our low third (camera 1) operator. A high quality telecast tonight indeed.

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