Monday, August 6, 2012

Pre-Telecast Chat

The Cardinals beat the Giants tonight by the score of 8 - 2 in 2:36. With the Giants in town that means my good friend and fellow director, Jim Lynch of the Giants, is also in the house. I wrote about Jim in my book "Cutting The Game" as I believe that Jim is one of the most talented TV baseball directors in the game. I look forward to televising Cardinals/Giants games because of the pre-telecast chat that Jim and I have before every game. We clue each other in on tendencies of each ballclub. We talk about the starting pitchers for the game updating each other on how fast the pitcher works with the bases empty or with runners on base. We talk about experiences from past telecasts and generally we prepare each other for that evenings game. Believe me, these chats are invaluable as we prepare for the telecast. I respect Jim immensely and I look forward to chatting with him before tomorrow's game/telecast.

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